What You Get

Learn How to Use a Modern Tool to Solve Calculus, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra Problems in 1% of the Time Compared to Manual Techniques.

Applies to STEM courses such as . . .

Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Technology, Quantitative Analysis, Statistics and more!

You’ll be equipped to compete on an even playing field with other  students, such as international students, that have already learned and mastered these tools.


The STEM Math “Magic” course will teach you how to master the tool and solve Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra problems for all your STEM courses and more!

Most students will complete The STEM Math “Magic” course in about fifteen hours.

Enrollment is valid for one year so you can access the lessons any time you need them.

The STEM Math “Magic” course includes:

♦  Access to 15 self-paced, online instructional video lessons.  Each video lesson is 15 minutes long.  Topics covered:

  1. STEM and 21st Century Modern Math TOOLS
  2. Graphing Functions with Wolfram Alpha
  3. Zeros and Stationary Points of a Function
  4. Inflection Points of a Function
  5. Asymptotes of a Function
  6. Implicitly Defined Functions
  7. Series and Polynomial Approximations
  8. Derivatives and Anti-derivatives
  9. Integrals:  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  10. Arc Length of Curves
  11. Solids of Revolution
  12. Differential Equations:  First Order Linear
  13. Differential Equations:  Second Order Linear
  14. Differential Equations:  Non-linear
  15. Linear and Matrix Algebra

Download The STEM Math “Magic” Course Syllabus

♦  Printable PDF Notes and Exercises.

♦  Access to a Student Forum to get your STEM math questions answered.

Enrollment is $97 per student.  Group discounts available.

button_EnrollNow_rounded  $97

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