STEM Math Success Team

Math is the Key to Success in any Science or Engineering subject.

Be as well prepared in Math for STEM subjects at any University as any international student, and better than most USA students.

Science and Engineering are much easier when one is properly prepared with STEM Math like Calculus and Differential Equations, AND the modern tools.

This will be for students who have studied Pre-Calculus and Calculus and want to learn to use Wolfram Alpha to solve STEM Math problems.

It will consist of many videos and probably use of the SupraComputer, although that is not mandatory.

This will involve some meetings at convenient times for team members that I will participate in.  But, most of this will involve online training and some Webinars which can be recorded.

There will be several Levels a team member can achieve, and when the top level is achieved a team member will be better prepared for Purdue or MIT than most USA students.

A deep understanding of Math is the Key to Success in any STEM subject!