STEM Math Tunnel

Conestoga_wagon_on_Oregon_TrailFor many students interested in STEM careers, math is like a wagon train journey.  They do fine in the plains of algebra, and even do OK in the foothills of Pre-Calculus and Calculus I, but in the steep mountains of Calculus II, with its twin peaks of differential equations and techniques of integration, they are stopped in their tracks and can go no further.  Their dream of the STEM valley is forever out of reach.  But now thanks to a modern tool there’s a tunnel through the mountain that makes STEM math easy, allowing students to fulfill their dreams and make their future in the STEM valley.


In this 18-minute video, Dr. Del discusses the modern tool that tunnels through the mountain to reach the valley, and makes STEM available to everyone.


You will only learn how to use this tool for STEM courses with specialized instruction.

The STEM Math Boot Camp will teach you how to use this amazing tool, Wolfram Alpha, in 15 online video lessons that take most students about 15 hours to complete.  It’s self-paced and interactive with PDF notes and exercises.  There’s also a Student Forum where you can get answers to all of your STEM Math questions.

All this for only $97!

See for yourself . . . take the STEM Math Challenge mentioned in the video, then get started on your path to success today!